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Dot de Verre

Honoring the history and tradition of mosaic, the dot de verre technique offers a contemporary interpretation in a fused glass format. Thousands of tiny (3 millimeter) glass dots are placed on a foundation glass tile. Using a water based repositionable adhesive, the glass dots are affixed row by row. Once assembled, the composition is carefully fine-tuned then placed and protected in a kiln. During the course of two slow and precise firing schedules, the adhesive burns off allowing the dots to fuse to the backing tile. Because the glass is held at length at a relatively low temperature, the dots do not melt but soften, tack fuse and fire polish without losing their shape. The result is a gleaming, intricately composed image -an intimate complexity of cells- forming a completed visage.

Once fired, the dot de verre mosaic is mounted on a black glass backing and framed in a recessed format. The glass dots used in the dot de verre process are unique and are no longer being made. The small factory that produced these exceptional fusible glass dots closed in 1993, just as their potential had been discovered. Recognizing their special beauty, Veruska acquired every last dot available for which she is profoundly grateful.

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